Use Pop-scale observations on the mechanisms of your body, you will see the organs, tissues, proteins, cells and so forth. Use the atomic-scale observations, you will find that behind the organs, tissues and cells there are atoms of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and so forth. Further observations using sub-atomic scale, the scale is much smaller than the atomic. What will you discover?

 Apparently behind the atoms of your body, there are authors who do not lose interplay between protons, neutrons and electrons. You are in the realm of much talked about by modern physics, nuclear science, even nanobiology. Thus the lesson I learned from Gretha Zahar, a nuclear expert who ran a clinic science in several cities and Free Radical Decay Institutions in Malang.
Not easy to understand explanation Gretha bu. Modern physics, nuclear chemistry, combined with nanotechnology, when incorporated into the description, the menus are pretty hard to digest. But apparently everything is very simple in practice. Medicine for all diseases it turned out there in our own kitchen: no eggs, coffee, salt, garlic, coconut milk, fermipan ... Only one drug is unusual: a cigarette! Cigarette therapy is mixed specifically, the smoke blown into the ear canal, nose, and mouth of a patient through a tube. Patients placed on a copper board, dibalur with 7 kinds of potions, while smoke therapy conducted at the sidelines of the process. It is strange to see a sophisticated invention is practiced with so easy and simple, as simple as an old school era of village-style treatment.

"Nature has provided everything", said Professor Dr. Bambang Sutiman Sumitro, a microbiologist from the University of Brawijaya who became partners Gretha bu. "People tend to trust sophisticated equipment, but equipment could be used to cover the concepts that are not sophisticated. While Nature has been working on a sophisticated concept. Eggs, salt, onion, coffee, tobacco and so it's all free radicals are peluruh extraordinary ", he added.

Why are raw eggs? "Because the raw egg is a living protein. Raw eggs internally driven. White capture of free radicals in our body, including mercury which is also internally driven. While red eggs contain stem cells," says Gretha bu. "No need to fear the salmonella bacteria or viruses that might exist on a raw egg," says Gretha not as if reading my mind. "Because there is carbon in the coffee which is like a charcoal proanalisa a paralyzing poison."

No need to fear the bacteria and viruses? It is fun to imagine the world that are prepared by bu Gretha and friends of this! "Bacteria and viruses, all that is just life experience mutagenic proteins. They called it the bacteria, if the size of minus 10 ^ 5. But when the nano size, they named the virus", said while toying with his cigarette Gretha bu. "What is more important to be investigated is the cause of mutagenic protein, namely free radicals, especially mercury. Mercury has 13 kinds of wavelengths that can be used to confuse and mislead Codon in the formation of protein (Codon is a genetic code that determines the protein synthesis, Ed.) Mercury in the body will attract more mercury.

Remarkably, the dynamics of mercury have a large enough energy to help make the transition of electrons, a way for him to 'undercover' into other particles ", he said, straightening his legs on the floor. Now it becomes clear why during these various studies can not be 'caught' mercury and behavior in our bodies. "Mercury is an additional need only 1 electron to become a heavy metal such as thalium, or 2 extra electrons to be reciprocal. Whereas the electrons that are available in large quantities in Nature as a result of the abundant amount of free radicals ", he added.

"So the healing of all diseases basically just improving the body's ability to control pollutants. Detoxification is the most relevant. If we knew how, nothing to be afraid of diseases, including avian influenza, swine flu and so forth," says Gretha bu. He then exhibited clinical photographs and a fascinating experiment over the last ten years. Cancer and autism is a simple question in her eyes, especially stroke, heart disease and so forth.

Mrs Gretha and clinic-clinic has helped hundreds of people who can not be handled by the hospital. But his lifestyle is very simple. Her favorite seat is the floor, just cosmetic concoction made of egg whites and coconut water. Signs of luxury 'only' look at her eyes that always plain but energetic, elastic body, muscular, fit, and clean skin. Sleep a little, but she is still able to do push-ups 25 times and swim 90 minutes without a break in her late 70. (We often teased him with the title 'granny strange', because rather than equip themselves with the wind oil warmers and scarves like grandma in general, he instead took the cigarettes and the various potions everywhere to care for anyone who met in the street and is in trouble! J )

Restless and Fearless, that's what I see on Gretha bu. In a relentless quest, he has gone through various insults and expulsion by other scientists. But he continued to fight bravely, one of them by trying to prove the hypothesis through the dedication of a private hospital and several orphanages. Support from the university and the medical community finally flowing. But he was not satisfied as well. "Nature is sad because many manipulated by man", he said one day, with a sad tone that did not successfully hidden. "We're taking too much from Nature, Nature in this difficult to do by recycling the hundreds of tons of free radicals that roam around us.

Meanwhile, forests and seas that became the main re-Recycler machine was very badly damaged, "he said again. Mr. Sutiman then added:" Nature now experiencing difficulties in performing a variety of materials cycle. Human Nature as part of any experience. "Then, after lighting a cigarette that either to all, pack-Sutiman previously it was not a smoker, continued:" The damage is now putting human nature on the position of degenerative, meaning that human beings face the threat of failure in running ability normal. That's why human diseases Difficult to shift toward diseases. "

But not Gretha never allowed himself to linger sadly. The wild and sharp intuition made him immediately busy thinking of new ideas. Chronology mind skipping nimbly, not many men who have the ability to compensate. When the pack Sutiman on an official occasion Gretha not elaborate thoughts in a language that more trace, not Gretha own amazement: "Is it the result of my thinking? I do not think it will be as beautiful as ...", he said with a funny expression.

The beauty is also visible in the treatment process Gretha bu la. Earlier, in an experiment, not Gretha trying to break free radicals from an artificial protein. New free radicals released after it was hit with a load of ... 8 tons! However, when protein-containing free radicals was tapped to 'enable a sense of love', free radicals rose apart. That is, load 8 tons was approximately equivalent to a pat full of love! That's why the full service of love to be part of the most important in developing therapies.

That is why also, in the copper board, patients of children laid on the body of the father or mother, in order to create a deeper bond between them. Bond of affection is very useful to promote healing. In care clinics instead Gretha and friends always emphasized the importance of family participation in the healing process. The Healing of a patient's health is influenced by family members. "Even healthy self is the same as healthful environment", said Mr Sutiman.

Another beauty is also shown at the end of therapy. Various herbs are massaged into the body of the patient was accommodated, in part allowed to remain on the board of copper, some dropped into the Petri dish. The results are truly amazing! Just a few minutes of drying in the sun, we will soon see the crystals that can be told 'who we are'. If you are healthy, and copper on the board Petri dish that will look crystal-filled paintings, symmetry, fractal, and has a very beautiful pattern. "The human body is the factory's most powerful nano materials. When the nano from the body fluids we show the regularity and beauty, it shows that our bodies have the ability to carry out the order and harmony", so pack Sutiman explained with a puff on his cigarette.

Last two years, the cigarette is a very important part in the clinic target bu Gretha and friends-who previously none smokers. Cigarette named Divine klobot it contains amino acids, is processed in such a way that is free from free radicals, resulting particle size is much smaller. "With the treatment of smoke, free radicals are out of the body will be small, so the patient does not need to experience such torment large wounds and the smell of wet or body that is very disturbing," says Gretha bu. The healing process becomes much faster, even during patient treatment process can still live a normal life without any special diet, provided he agreed to on a regular basis ... .. smoking!

It's a paradox that impressive. Waste can be a crystal potion jerky story telling, and cigarettes are now being glorified a drug has blasphemed! "Nothing new on the tobacco and nicotine. Hundreds of years ago, the Indians have used it as medicine, they even named the god of tobacco as a crop. Nicotine also has long been researched and contains many recognized benefits, he was even nicknamed 'gold nicotine'. Elements 11000th chemical numbering makes it very special sort. If the terms of the partial, of the chemical elements that show 'kejahatan'nya. But if the particles are viewed as a whole, smoking showed the potential to carry out the order and harmony.

Cigarettes are not dangerous to the previous generation, nor does the present generation. The dangerous free radicals, and free radicals are everywhere, "explained Mr Sutiman length. Mrs. Gretha then replied:" By using nano mold on the filter, the electron density increased, so that the mercury content in tobacco will be ready to release electrons. And when the mercury to lose 1 electron, it is no longer mercury. He is a gold particle or Aurum, Aurum rather artificial. "I so remember an article about Aurum particles. In the nano size, it has long been known as a nanomaterial that effectively kills cancer cells without damaging other cells.

Mrs. Gretha then showed a piece of paper which he said was' a very remarkable discovery, "ie, the chemical periodic table, Mendeleev table creations we've ever learned in high school. He explained that the mercury with atomic number 80 can easily be 'undercover' into thalium and 1-2 lead only to the additional electrons. Mercury can also be turned into artificial Aurum or the atomic number of gold-79 - just by donating electrons ... This statement is not nothing compared to the evidence. Together with my friends, I examine the influence of Divine klobot aura.

By using property aurameter Gretha bu, me and my friends watched, the smoke that therapy will gradually form a golden aura in our bodies. "It was a great breakthrough," said Kang Aas Rukasa, a breathing practice and meditation teacher. "Aura Gold may only be obtained through intensive breathing exercises accompanied by hardening of the body. The aura of gold reflects the maturation of the heart chakra, the chakra associated with love, flexibility, openness, and artistic response," said Kang Aas. "Aura Gold is the fastest bridge between body and mind; means someone with the aura of gold would have the intelligence to translate the dimensions of the body in mind. The aura of gold not only reflects good health and body flexibility in the face of disturbances, this golden aura also talked about the potential for healing people others ", thus he added.

I remember the classic stories of the alchemists who was always obsessed to change anything into gold. Not alleged that the secret of alchemy was not far away from us, and do not seem too difficult for us to learn. Who knows we could become the next alchemy?

Foundations for future growth of science that has been prepared by the bu Gretha and friends. This is a multidisciplinary science that not only holistic, but also unique, because it brings and realize the ultimate dream of mankind since the classical period. Me and my friends endlessly amazed to see a scientist who once 'healer', a moment to talk about advanced science in a mixture of Indonesian and English languages, and then he blew membalur and patients with bare feet, without gloves and caps nose. In the morning, dusk and midnight, 'healer' This took him membalur themselves with coffee, coconut and egg white mixture, or salt.

In her spare time she only needs to just lay down the floor, while blowing smoke into the ear klobot Divine. "The floor good for your health, because the Earth to neutralize the excess electric current that causes the rhythms are not in harmony in our body. Salt is good for capturing free radicals in our bodies. The best treatment is to use their bare hands, not the gloved hand, let alone machines, because ... knowest thou not that the human body are molded nano greatest in the world? ", he said, smiling, as if to justify the ritual of our traditional healers have long used salt, eggs, bare hands, also floors in their medical practice. It is very appropriate to its name: Gretha means pearl, Zahar's brightness, Revealed, grounded.

"Mother why such a witch, yes ..."

"Or like Merlin ..."

"Or, Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci ..."

Once the comments my friends every encounter with mothers who Gretha Zahar inexhaustible surprise us.