The origin or the forerunner to the establishment of the hamlet Mlangi can be said of the legend or local folklore that has been deemed the incident really happened. This hamlet is the forerunner of the Kyai Nur Iman, and to commemorate him annually on the 14th Sura (Muharram) held the event "Khaul".

It seems, according to the booklet History of the Kyai Nur Iman yagn always issued whenever there is an "Khaul", Kyai Nur Iman is a scholar, he was the son of RP. Suryo Putro who was the eldest son of His Majesty Pakubuwono Kanjeng I. in the event of the year 1745 pecahperang brothers among Kartosuro Palace and subsequently appeared there in 1755 Giyanti agreements that create and divided into 2 ie Kraton Kartosuro Kasunanan Ngayogyakarto Surakarto and Sultanate. RM Sandiyo / Ihksan at war can escape and then go wander to the west and acts as a scholar. After the civil war finished there were attempts to find the RM. Sandiyo, after the discovery of the palace are invited back to the fans given the choice in Yogyakarta or Surakarta. With a sincere heart, he chose to live in Yogyakarta, but outside the palace. After memperolehtempat area as far as the sound of the drum Kyai Nur Iman reside there and set up the Return (instruction) for the students. Repatriation means the place for member lessons or "Mulangi" and then to more easily pronounced "Mlangi".

Mbah Kyai trace the history of Nur Iman, can not be in
disconnect it from the beginning of the hamlet mlangi.untuk presence that we need
know the history of Hamlet / Village Mlangi, this means we
too briefly to look back on history of the kingdom of Mataram / Chronicle
Land Mataram. At that time the kingdom of Mataram
beribukotakan Kartosuro, many disputes among the colored
princes, especially the problems of succession. Although the king
who is ruling has mentiapkan successor, Namu after
The king died, the throne changes often take place not smooth. Moreover,
Dutch colonial political plus a cunning and evil, often
pitting the King family, including the prince, who eventually
be divided.

Family Conflicts in Kingdom of Mataram after sunan /
Susuhan / Amangkurat II ebb / died in 1703, giving
VOC opportunity to meddle in the affairs of the kingdom. With a view
divisive, Holland helped Prince Puger, brother Amangkurat II
to seize the throne facing Sunan Mas, Son Amangkurat II
become Amangkurat III.

Dutch VOC Puger be lifted prince Paja
with a degree susuhunan Pakubowono 1. At that time a
Prince who named R.M. Suryo Putro who felt very sick hearts
the event, so decided to go outside the Palace
toward the East / Brang Wetan.

In the journey paneran Suryo Putro / R. M. Suryo Putro
arrived at Surabaya. There was a village called village
Gedangan. By coincidence, in the village there is a cottage
Pesantren Pondok Pesantren Gedangan name. Caregiver Cottage
Pesantren Gedangan time was Kyai Abdullah Muhsin. Brief
stories, R. M. Suryo Putro eventually become students at the Pondok Pesantren
and changed the name M. Ihsan.

One of the routines are held in the boarding school
Gedangan once every 35 days (Selapan dina) is a common doctrine.
Not unexpectedly, one day, when Kyai Abdullah Muhsin entered
lapanan study, dating pejbat visiting a country. He
Duke Pasuruhan is named Adopati Wironegoro. Duke
Wironegoro meripakan given the title of King of Mataram Kartosuro /
Fortunately Amangkurat II to Suropati. Degree is awarded in accordance
view of his position as Duke Pasuruhan, thanks to the success
Fortunately, the Dutch VOC Suropati kill leader named
Captain Tok.

The presence of an official state doctrine, held diacara
by boarding the fosterage, of course make Kyai
Abdullah Muhsin feel happy and welcome him full honors.
Coincidence that serves meals to the guests are
students-students of the cabin, including M. Ihsan as a leader. At the time
Ihsan pacing in front of the seat to Kanjeng Duke
menyajkan dish, turned out to watch the Duke Kanjeng
thoroughly. This is because he felt it was never a guest, and he
firmly believe that if students are a nobleman.

After the study is completed, Duke did not immediately Kanjeng
home, but instead asked the Kyai Abdullah Muhsin order
call santrinya been expected as a nobleman. For
respect for state officials, the Kyai Abdullah Muhsin,
santrinya summon named Ehsan. In the minds of the Kyai
wondering if why Kanjeng Duke eager to visit
with santrinya it.

Not long kemudaian, M. Ihsan handsome
and well mannered Duke rose facing Kanjeng Wirlonegoro. After
good shaking hands shaking Wironegoro Kanjeng Duke and M. Ichsan
or R.M. Suryo Putro mutual trust and do not forget that they
already know each other sebelumnya.Kepada Kyai Abdullah Muhsin,
Priyogung's second request to keep secret meeting
and still considers the prince RMSuryo Putro as regular students,
Do not get caught if he is a nobleman. While
vale home Kanjeng Duke pleaded with respect to
willing to visit the prince in disguise Duchy, which
be affordable by the Prince.

At one point, the opportunity to visit the Duchy Prince
to convey the message that its contents do not let the presence of his
at Pondok Pesantern Gedangan known by family / relatives Palace.
During a visit in the Grand Duchy Pasuruhan, well entertained Prince
and introduced to all the family including the Duke Wironegoro
daughter named R. A. Retno Susilowati.

From time to change the time, with consideration
mature between Duke Kanjeng Wironegoro, Kyai Abdullah Muhsin and
Prince R.M. Ihsan M. Suryo Putro or, taken its decision to
wed Prince R.M. Suryo Putro with the daughter of the Duke Kanjeng
namely R.A. Retno Susilowati. Then after the marriage, R.A.
Susilowati was brought to Boarding Schools to Gedangan

Meanwhile, long abandoned by R.M. Suryo Putro,
state of Mataram Kingdom increasingly uncertain. This was triggered by
Dutch sly sense lift / replace the King with a view
internal conflicts that arise between the Princes
At the split between them during these concerns, the King
heard from telik password that Prince was in Suryo Putro
Surabaya studied in Pondok Pesantern Gedangan who was raised by Kyai
Abdullah Muhsin.

The King then sent a messenger to pick up the
Prince returned to Mataram Kartosuro. Because it is
order of King, the Prince was not able to dodge again. Meanwhile
Prince's wife who is pregnant is deposited to Kyai Abdullah
Muhsin. Prince told that when his wife gave birth, if the
born baby boy was given the name R.M. Sandiyo, but when
women, giving her name submitted Kyai Abdullah Muhsin.
Prince also asked the Kyai Abdullah Muhsin, to educate children
is to master the science of religion is perfect. And after
adult the child will be picked to go back to the Mataram Kartosuro.
On arrival at Mataram Kartosuro, the Prince directly
was crowned king with the title of His Majesty Amangkurat Jawi /
Amangkurat IV. Kanjeng susuhunan Amangkurat IV reigned less
more in the years 1719-1726. Prior meningal, he remembered
left a wife named R.A. Retno Susilowati which when
left behind is pregnant. Considering it's already happened a few years
ago, estimated the baby was growing up.

2. Travel RMSandiyo (M. Nur Iman) to Mataram Kartosuro
The king then gave orders to his retainer Palace
to pick up her son and take him back to the Palace
Kartosuro order to gather with family / relatives, including
the Princes.

The king's son who was born in Pondok Pesantren Gedangan
Priya had grown into a dashing and handsome. Appropriate
mandate His father, he was given the name R.M. Sandiyo. In addition, Kyai
Muhsin Abdullah also gave him the name is M. Nur Iman. This name
accordance with the act of a wise and sensible horn during a
santri.M. Nur Iman who has completely mastered the science of religion
was highly coveted by Kyai Abdullah Muhsin, because of charitable
high science and kesolehannya. The Leaders also convinced that
after adult M. Nur Iman will be a big famous Ulama.
At the time utsan the King arrived to fetch him, RM
Nur Iman Sandiyo or willing to go back to the Mataram Kartosuro provided
his departure was not alongside the King's emissary. After
goodbye and pray blessings on the teacher, R.M. Sandiyo or M. Nur
Faith went to Mataram Kartosuro accompanied by 2 people
friends who loved and loved the Sanusi and Tanmisani. The
Kyai ordered that M. Nur Iman did not forget the vision and mission
as a scholar, namely menyampaiakan amar nahi ma'ruf munkar,
anytime and anywhere. Also to strive to uphold the truth
Islam and founded the boarding school where he resides.
In the course of moving towards the west, M. Nur Iman and
her friends as well as doing propaganda for development
Islamic religion. From village to village, from village to village to the
every city is impassable, M. Nur faith with the two constantly temanyya
preaching, and even succeeded in establishing Pindok Pesantren. Just Sebur
Pondo Pesantren existing instance along Ponorogo and Pacitan.
So this journey can take up to several years.
After a long journey, M. Nur Iman and
two friends finally arrived in the kingdom of Mataram and Kaeta suro
directly facing / sungkem on His father, Kanjeng Susuhan
Amangkurat 1V. At the meeting, besides meeting with saudarasaudaranya,
including the pengeran, M. Nur Iman earned, B. P.
H. (Bendoro Prince Hangabei). Cell; Ain's M. Nur Iman also received
his home in Sukowati.

3. Giyanti Agreement
Dilannda Krato conditions which caused the split interference
Dutch VOC, which helps susuhunan Pakubuwono 111,
make R. M. Sandiyo / Kyai Nur Imasn concerned. Hinnga finally
there was civil war, Diman in this war there are two princes yanh
alliance, namely Prince Sambar Njowo / R. M. said the Prince
Mangkubumi / R. M. Sujono. The situation is still diperkeruh seoerti again
with the existence of a riot among the nations with the VOC Tionghoa
The Netherlands is often called the commotion of Chinatown. Pereng highly
menghabuskan exhausting and cost / funding too many proficiency level in these
finally be ended, with the peace treaty between
the warring parties. The peace agreement comes less
more in the year 1755 in the village Giyanti, sehngga rose agreement given
Giyanti Prjanjian name. The contents of the agreement Giyanti among others:

Didagi Kartosuro 1.Kerajaan Mataram into two:
From east of Prambanan belong susuhunan
Pakubuwono 111, had its capital in Surokarto.

From west to the capital Prambanan Yogyakarta
belonged to the then Prince Mangkubui
Sultan holds Hamenku Buwono I.

Sambar 2.Pangeran Njowo / R. M. Said kedudukasn given as
Duke denagn title of Duke Mangkunegoro I and allowed
establish a Puro. Was given the name Puro Puro

The existence of this Agreement it can relieve Giyanti
tensions between Surokarto to Mataram Mataram
Yogyakarta plus Mangkunegoro Puro, so the atmosphere was
be peaceful. In this peaceful state, the king became
remember that they still have relatives named BPH
Sandiyo / Kyai Nur Iman. Then each King
ordered his soldiers to find out the presence of BPH. Sandiyo
/ Of Kyai Nur Iman.

4.Asal-proposal Mlangi Name
Meanwhile, BPH. Sandiyo / Kyai Nur Iman, in time of war
your raged just decided to go outside the castle
Kraton familiar with the two friends, Sanusi and Tanmisani.
With high spirit and willpower, Kyai Nur Iman and
her two friends to travel, conduct da'wa
develop Islam.Mereka also inculcate religion soul
patriotism in order to generate public resentment against
the VOC Dutch colonialists. Struggles and cries of BPH. Sandiyo /
Kyai Nur Iman with her two friends turned out to welcome people
with all my heart, so that Islam was developed with

From Kartosuro direction to the West, the trip came Kyai Nur Iman
and his two friends were in an area in Kulon Progo. Arrival
gladly accepted by a named Hadi Demat
Wongso. Demat Hadi is the master deda Wongso Gelugu, which
then with his family willing to embrace Islam.
Soon after the village headman Hadi wonso understand
Kyai Nur Iman that obviously is Ulama Besar. He pleaded
with respect to Kyai Nur Iman with her daughter to marry
named Mur Wrong. So also with both pendereknya, Sanusi
Maemunah marriage, while married Tanmisani
Romlah. After Demat Wongso Hadi died, Kyai Nur
Faith family moved north where, on the east side Kali Progo
ie Kerisan village. In villages that are in Yogyakarta is Kyai
Nur Iman met with the envoy of Sultan Hamenku Buwono 1, which
then ask him to return to the Palace.

In 1976, Prince Jumenengan Mangkubumi be king
Mataram Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat with a degree ngarso Dalem
Dalem Sampeyan Ingkang Sinuwun Kaneng lane
Ing Senopati Alogo Khalifatullah Ngabdurrahman Sayidin Panotogomo
ingkang Jumeneng Sepisan. People generally are more familiar with the title
Lane I.

The discretion of the King, he gave gifts of land
fief to his eldest brother, namely BPH. Sandiyo / Kyai Nur Iman.
By Kyai of Nur Iman, such as the fief village / village
where education and development of Islamic religion. Not long
then in place, stood the house that dipetrgunakan for
give lessons (Mulangi) religion. Or the term is now called
Boarding Schools. From the origin of this word became MULANGI
nam village / hamlet MLANGI.

5. Negoro Mosque Development in Mlangi peg.
Age pemerinthan Sru \ i Sulatn Hamengkubuwono I is an
Yogyakarta Hadiningrat heyday. In the language of puppets, Ki
Puppeteer who used to call it as the country faced wukir Gemah Ripah
Raharjo grammar jinawi loh. Religious and cultural life developed
rapidly. After his death, lane I replaced
young son who at the time nernam R. M. Sundoro, with titles
Lane II. He is a nationalist, to love
country and are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of its people. Lebihlebih
mengeb \ nai development of religion, are all concerned, this
very aesthetically from the close relationship between the clergy with umaro.
In his reign, the second lane
receive referrals from Kyai Nur Iman, still no relation
families, to build four large mosque. In order to complement and
The mosque which was standing there for first, namely Masjid
Kauman village, beside the Palace. Mosque suggested by Kyai
Nur Iman to be built is located in the four directions and named Mosque
Nagari peg / peg Negoro:

On the western side is situated in the hamlet
Terletk east village
In the northern village terletek Ploso
Located south of the village
The Masjid-Masjid overseeing Such were the sons of
Kyai Nur Iman:

Yellow Ploso Negoro Mosque peg is maintained by Kyai

Negoro Mosque Babadan peg is maintained by Kyai Ageng
Coral Besari

Negoro Mosque Dongkelan peg dirus by Kyai Hasan

Negoro Mosque Mlangi peg is maintained by Kyai Nur Iman.

The amount of concern Sultan Hamenku Buwono II
founded the village-the village mosque, Masjid-Masjid make it known
as a mosque or Masjid Kagungan Ndalem Sultanate, due to
stewardship / Takmir Mosque including Ndalem Palace servant.
In 1953, by ngarso Ndalem Mlangi submitted Mosque
to the people who are named Masjid Jami 'Mosque thank Mlangi.Serah
represented by the pious ilama and community leaders, among others;

1.Kyai Siruddin
2.Kyai Masduki
3.M. Ngasim

Diponegoro War Glance
In accordance with the mandate of His father, Sultan Hamengku Namely
Sepuh Buwono II or Sultan, Sultan Hamengkubuwono III do
resistance against the occupiers. Nationalist and patriotic attitude, he also
Kanjeng inheritance to his son Prince Diponegoro, a
The legendary hero of the popular nationalist today. With soul
courage to oppose the invaders, plus the belief that
in the teachings of Islam, the war in order to defend truth and
justice for the sake of Allah's religion is FII Sabiilillah Jihad.

This belief is visible from the clothing worn by Prince
Diponegoro turbaned and robed, as a clothing
scholar / auliya '. Diponegoro war itself took place in 1825-1830.
Diponegoro war even this involves the children and grandchildren participate Mbah Kyai
Nur Iman. This is in accordance with the spirit of patriotism and the mandate he
to the Tribes to always opposed the colonizers,
uphold truth and justice and to always strive in the way of
God for the sake of Islam. Even in battle, one
Mbah a son named Kyai Kyai Nur Iman Salim, fell in
Ndimoyo village. Kyai Salim who was killed even this is known as Kyai
Shahid, because in Islam, a jihad if the fall is called
Martyrs die.

Dutch Java War ended in a cunning way.
With the Dutch managed to capture the intrigue of Prince Diponegoro
in Magelang. At the time Kanjeng Prince Diponegoro was arrested, there
a soldier who became a personal bodyguard of Prince Diponegoro
who also got arrested, namely Kyai Hasan Besari. Kyai Hasan this Besari
is one of the sons Mbah Kyai Nur Iman. They arrested
and exiled to Manado.

Mbah Kyai Nur Iman's death
After the Java War ended, the Dutch VOC dare
facing the lane III. They persuaded and
distort the facts, that Prince Diponegoro and all
followers are rebels. This makes the soldiers and followers
Diponegoro faithful remained, including Putro wayah
Mbah Kyai Nur Iman did not dare return to his home village, fearing
captured by the Dutch VOC. Where the followers and soldiers
have a safe place, and there they settled. So that
terjdi indirect distribution of the population and religion. Incident
This would also make Mbah Kyai Nur Iman descendants spread not only
in Yogyakarta and Central Java, but also in West Java and
East Java and some even outside of Java.

Meanwhile, Mbah Kyai Nur Iman held their own choosing
living in hamlets Mlangi for ever, precisely on the west side
Mlangi Mosque. After he died, Mbah Kyai Nur Iman was buried in
back of the mosque. Tersehbut called Graveyard Graveyard Prince Bei /
Dalem Kagungan Pesareyan Sultanate, sehinnga gate entrance
Kraton Pesareyanpun distinctively complex.

And sebagaiman the graves of the Auliya 'and other Great Ulama,
Grave Mbah Kyai Nur Iman was also visited by many guests who
pilgrim from outside the area, even from outside Java. The Pilgrim's there
which individuals and berombongan.

Mbah Kyai Nur Iman Putra and Leaving 14 4 Wife:

From the first wife, he left 9 people sons and daughters, namely:

1. Kyai Mursodo 4. R. M. Taftoyani 7. Kyai Muhsin Besari
2. Kyai Nawawi 5. Kyai Mansur 8. Kyai Moses
3. Nyai Safangatun 6. Nyai Murfakiyyah 9. Karang Mas gammer

From the second wife, he leaves 3 sons and daughters, namely:

1. Nyai Soleh
2. Kyai Salim
3. Nyai Gilani

From the third wife, he leaves 2 daughters, namely:

Abu 1.Nyai Tohir

Mas 2.Nyai Tumenggung

From the IV's wife, he leaves 1 son, namely:

1.Kyai Rofingi (RM-Kyai Mansjur Muhyidin Loning Giru)
Among the sons and daughters there Mbah Kyai Nur Iman who was appointed
as Regent Sempon / Kedu, namely Kyai Taftoyani. There is also a
as a prince of the Palace, namely Kyai Nawawi.

Pondok Pesantren Mlangi
Until today, along with the rapid advancement of age and
development of the education world, in the hamlet has grown Mlangi
some boarding school, among others:

1.PP. Al-Miftah who was raised by Kyai Siruddin forwarded by KH.

2.PP. As-Salafiyyah who was raised by Kyai Masduqi forwarded by
KH. Suja'I Masduqi.

3.PP. Al-Falahiyyah who was raised by KH. Zamrudin forwarded by
Ny. Hj. Zamrudin.

4.PP. Al-Huda, who was raised by KH. Muchtar Dawam.

5.PP. East Mlangi who was raised by KH. Wafirudin forwarded by
Ny. Hj. Wafirudin.

6.PP. Hujjatul Islam that was raised by KH. Qothrul Aziz.

7.PP. As-Salimiyyah who was raised by KH. Salimi.

8.PP. An-Nasyath reared by KH. Sami'an.

9.PP. Ar-Risala which was raised by KH. Abdullah.

10.PP. Hidayatul Mubtadiin who was raised by KH. Nur Iman Muqim.

The boarding school which is beyond the Yogyakarta area
descendants still Mbah Kyai Nur Iman, among others:

1.PP. Watu Congol, Muntilan who was raised by KH. Abdul Ahmad

2.PP. Tegalrejo, Magelang who was raised by KH. Abdurrahman

3.PP. Al-Asy'ariyyah, Kalibeber Wonosobo which was raised by KH.

4.PP. An-Nawawi, who was raised by Purworejo Berjan KH.

5.PP. Bamboo spears, Waterford parakan reared by KH.

6.PP. Secang, Sempu, Magelang nurtured by KH. Ismail Ali.

7.PP. Nurul Iman, which was raised by KH.Sohib Jambi and Mrs. Hj.

Additionally, Mbah Kyai Nur Iman also write 2 pieces of scientific work,
1.Kitab Taqwim (Summary nahwu Science)
Science 2.Kitab Sorof (Summary Sorof Science)
Religious tradition and practice which is still preserved until now
This, among others:

1.Ziaroh / send Qubur expert by reading the Prophet and al-
Quran Surat Al-Ikhlas, and others.

2.Membaca Sholawat Tunjina (to invoke the safety
in a celebration-a celebration).

3.Membaca sholawat Nariyah (for the salvation of such intent
pregnant people, and others).

4.Membaca Thoyyibah sentence, the Prophet Pitung Lekso (In particular
if needed for drug / button broom universe).

5.Manaqiban / Abdul Qodiran.

6.Dalam art forms:
Litany / Rodatan
Sholawatan / Kojan and others.

To honor and remember the history of the struggle Mbah
Kyai Nur Iman, the scholars and community leaders agree
Khaul held, held every year in the month of Suro
night of 15. The event executor Khaul
Mbah Kyai Nur Iman is KH. Abdullah, Caregiver Boarding Schools
Ar-Risala, supported entirely by community Mlangi.
This is a brief history Mbah Kyai Nur Iman or BPH.

Sandiyo, a scholar / Auliya ', as well as a nobleman and
founder embryo Mlangi hamlet. Hopefully this post can give
benefit to anyone, at least as documentation as well as contributions
insights and treasures of knowledge, especially for those who have
interest in history and Islamic leaders in Java Pualu. Yet
Thus, considering the limited resources that can be
reference, either written or in the form of narrations and buktibukti
Authentic which can be accounted for, then do not close
the possibility of mistakes or things that are not important
stated in writing this brief history. For that we always
expect brainstorming and input from anyone who would
would be very useful for the completeness of this common history is ours.